So. Jersey girl creates jewelry with a message

July 1, 2008 6:03:38 PM PDT
A young Burlington county girl is putting her creativity to work and quickly becoming a fashion icon in her community. Dasia Dawson's jewelry is a product line the 10 year old Willingboro girl created. Taken from her nickname tutu, it's called tutu-luv-me and is designed to make her peers look and feel good.

"It's called tutu love me," she said, "and it stands for teach you to teach us. Teach young girls how to love themselves and teaching parents how to understand them."

The 5th grader sketched the link chains and lip gloss filled hearts at 3 a.m. one morning. Her sportswear designer dad recognized her talent, helped her tweak the jewelry, and sent them into production.

Marcus Dawson Sr. said, "It's not just a line. It's a campaign. It's a movement for young girls. Teach them how to love themselves through fashion. What better way to reach them than through jewelry and lip gloss, the two things they love the most." As part of the Luv me campaign, Dasia, her mom and her aunt host monthly tutu girl gatherings at a local community center. They hope to inspire girls to recognize and feed the best in them.

"This really is a reminder. As the girls are wearing the jewelry, they remind themselves, I love me. So I wont make bad decisions, I won't follow the crowd. I'll be the leader," Dasia's aunt Dawn Wynn told us.

Dasia has created LUV ME t-shirts with messages that proclaim, "I luv me so I won't do drugs." She's working on a boys line. Already, Tutu luv me necklaces and bracelets have sold as far away as St. Louis and South Carolina. They sell for $22.00. Dasia gives $2 from each sale to various school PTA's.

"I give some back to school," she said. "Sometimes I save it for college and stuff."

Dasia would like to give her jewelry to women like Michele Obama, Tyra Banks and Oprah and make them honorary tutu girls. That's because she admires them as women of power who love themselves, as she does.

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