Scouts pitch in to protect nesting duck

July 1, 2008 8:28:10 PM PDT
The Glenolden Swim Club has clear, pristine waters for its members to enjoy. But, the dirty, murky, little wading pool is reserved for a special guest. That's Glenda the Glenolden Duck. Glenda has been hanging around since February. Recently, they thought she was sick, turns out she was nesting. That's when the Boy Scouts sprang into action.

Members of Troop 44 built an enclosure and provided the wading pond. Just in time, Glenda's eight eggs started hatching Tuesday.

Christopher Shaw of Troop 44 told Action News they used an old bike rack and pieces of fence to put together the enclosure. The Cub Scouts also pitched in, saying its all in a day's good deed.

Meantime, Glenda and her ducklings have attracted quite a crowd of young admirers. Once again, the scouts came to their rescue by installing a new perimeter for crowd control.

They worked under the guidance of Glenolden's animal control officer Dave Schlott, who was taking pictures and beaming like a proud grandfather. Schlott said Glenda seems to be doing well and has gotten used to all the people and the attention she's getting.