Police say man shot over cell phone

July 2, 2008 4:33:28 PM PDT
This is the T-mobile side kick cell phone robbers were targeting when they shot 21-year-old Joshua Hernandez. The Northeast Philadelphia resident was at Frankford and Orthodox with 2 friends just after midnight Monday, when police say two men got out of a car and approached him. He had just exchanged text messages with his mom, Robyn, telling her he was headed home. She said 12 minutes after their texting, her son's friend called her to tell her he Joshua had been shot and was being loaded into an ambulance.

The robbers did not get the phone, but Joshua had been shot in the stomach and suffered massive internal injuries. He remains in critical condition. Joshua's Girlfriend Sarah Carter is having a tough time just thinking of him in the hospital bed, with tubes all over him.

His friends are afraid to do TV interviews with the robbers still at large. They told police the shooters were driving a dark car up and down Frankford avenue. They are both described as over 6 feet tall and one wore a white tank top. Joshua continues going through surgeries. The recently laid of landscaper is an outdoorsman and avid baseball player who once dreamed of turning pro. His mom is just glad her generous baby boy is alive to celebrate his 22nd birthday Thursday.

"I can say he lived to his 22nd birthday. He lived through it and thank god," she said.

Police see no sign of a cell phone robbery pattern in the area, or of the people who shot Joshua while trying to steal his phone. His family hopes that the suspects are caught before they hurt anyone else.