Baby born in parking lot

July 2, 2008 4:34:46 PM PDT
The story that ends with the birth of this beautiful baby girl begins with the close friendship between the baby's mother and her neighbor, 51 year old Dwayne Jeffries, known to his friends as Chief.

"When I call chief he comes right away with no questions, so when I screamed for him yesterday, I knew he was going to come," Dina Morris said.

Dina, a mother of 4, was screaming because she was giving birth, "faster than I ever thought it was possible to give birth," she said.

Sure enough, as quickly as she called, Chief was on the scene.

He says he was there in seconds, but the baby's head was already cresting, right there in the parking lot. "I was off the planet, I was out of here. People thought I was brave, I wasn't, I was shaking like a leaf," he told action news.

Despite being terrified, Mr. Jeffries made Dina as comfortable as possible, right there on the pavement. Then, he went to his neighbor's home to call 911.

Unfortunately, that neighbor, Patricia Hurst, was in the shower.

Hurst said she ran out in her towel and shower cap and grabbed the baby and bent the umbilical cord as she had seen in the movies.

Paramedics quickly arrived to find 8 pound, 2 ounce Asante Jewel Rose Clemens safe and healthy, even if she was covered with a little gravel. Dina says chief was always her friend, now he's her hero. Chief, meantime, says the important thing is he was there to help his friend deliver her baby, but he hopes it never happens again.