How to get dolphins out of NJ river

July 3, 2008 5:53:51 AM PDT
From the sensible to the silly, there's numerous ideas on how to get 15 bottlenose dolphins out of the Shrewsbury River and back out to sea.

For nearly three weeks now, the dolphins have wowed crowds along the river banks between Sea Bright and Rumson.

But the impending July 4 holiday has wildlife officials worried about heavy boat traffic in the river due to a massive fireworks display nearby.

Officials have decided to let the dolphins stay in the river while trying to keep boaters away from them.

But that hasn't stopped several dolphin watchers from concocting all sorts of schemes to coax, scare or drag the animals out of the river.

The ideas include trapping them in giant cages; using enormous nets to herd them along and flying helicopters low over the water, and playing recordings of killer whales.