Dine like the Founding Fathers

July 3, 2008 5:50:04 AM PDT
When you think of the 4th of July you probably think of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was written and signed. But what did the founders do after they declared independence from England?

History says they celebrated a few blocks away, at 2nd and Walnut, where a faithful replica of the colonial-era City Tavern stands.

Today's City Tavern is owned by the National Park Service, which has extensive records.

It knows that in July of 1776, the Founders dined family-style on beef steak pie, fish stew, rabbit, duck, shrimp, and more!

On July 4th, City Tavern will serve many of the same foods the founders ate. You can taste one of their brews made from certified recipes.

Outside, reenactors from Fort Mifflin will demonstrate all sorts of colonial-era activities.

City Tavern is at 2nd and Walnut Streets, and is open daily for lunch and dinner. July 4th is its busiest day of the year.

WEB LINK: City Tavern