High-end drug house for sale

July 3, 2008 4:03:14 PM PDT
A drug bust back in February has given a small boost to the poor housing market in Montgomery County. This house on Nottingham Road in East Norriton was purchased with 220,000 dollars in alleged drug money 4 years ago.

More than double that amount was spent renovating the property.

Of that, an estimated $100,000 was spent on the finest materials, like marble, Italian tile, granite counter tops and high-end kitchen appliances.

It's an incredible amount for a middle income, suburban neighborhood.

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman, "If you look at the outside of the house, it's been resurfaced in a different style than the rest of the neighborhood. When you look at the backyard, and see the pool and landscaping, hundreds of thousands of dollars were placed in this property, all drug proceeds."

After spending the half million dollars to fix up the house, the owners never got a chance to live in it. Minnie McKay and O'Neil Abrahams were arrested, and charged in connection with the operation of a major marijuana drug trafficking ring.

The Montgomery County D.A.'s office seized the property and listed it with Continental Realty for 379,000 dollars, quite a deal when you consider what's invested here. The money the house brings will go back into narcotics enforcement.