Beware car rental re-fueling charges

July 4, 2008 3:50:34 PM PDT
If you think gas prices are bad when you fill up at the pump... You're going to be livid when we tell you the fuel prices charged to customers by some car rental companies. Try as much as 10-dollars a gallon! A warning from Triple-A to anyone renting a car, be aware that some car rental companies are charging exorbitant prices and fees to re-fuel vehicles. Triple-A advises drivers to allow plenty of time for a final fill-up because if the rental company has to refuel the vehicle they could charge much more than the current average.

In other words, don't get into a time crunch before returning a rental vehicle. Make sure you have enough time to stop at a gas station and refill the tank yourself. Also - make sure you rent from a company that posts its refueling fees so you know what to expect.

By now, most drivers are aware the state of New Jersey and some townships in Pennsylvania have banned holding a cell phone while driving. But did you also know getting a ticket for failing to follow hands-free laws could earn you a free headset!?

Headsets-dot-com will send you a cell phone headset at NO cost if you were cited for driving without one.

All you have to do is send the company your ticket and fill out a form online. Headsets-dot-com says the offer's valid for the first 734 tickets it receives dated after July 1st of this year..

The headset you'll get is worth 130-dollars - although the company does say it doesn't think driving while talking even on a headset is as safe as putting the phone down and focusing on your driving. And certainly it is not encouraging consumers to break the law.

By the way, Headsets-dot-com is doing this for publicity purposes. The company normally makes its money selling headsets.