19-year-old rescues 90-year-old

July 4, 2008 9:22:48 PM PDT
A 90-year-old woman had to be rescued from a pool at her neighborhood recreation center this afternoon. She was swimming at the Green Acres Swim Club on Grinnell Road in the Green Acres neighborhood Friday afternoon when someone noticed she was in trouble.

19-year-old Jocelyn Bowman was on duty at the time and jumped in to pull the woman from the pool.

Bowman says this was her first rescue and she's been a lifeguard for three years.

According to Bowman, a nurse who was also at the pool performed rescue breathing on the woman until paramedics arrived and took over.

According to paramedic spokesperson Richard Krett, the woman was fully alert when she arrived at Christiana Hospital. Bowman says the woman is a regular at the pool and the lifeguards there keep a watchful eye on her.