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July 9, 2008 8:59:26 PM PDT
Dancing around the world, scrabble fights back, and Philly's every block.Dancing by Matt Harding Matt Harding has danced his way to Internet fame. In just two weeks, over four million people have logged onto Matt's latest globetrotting video, aptly titled 'Dancing', which features Harding in 69 different locations around the world, swinging his arms and stomping his feet to an earthy, new-age melody. The locations are beautiful, but more interesting are his interactions with the people around him - dancing among a group of children in Antseranana, Madagascar and with a mob of supporters in Tokyo, Japan.

Harding's early renditions of 'Dancing' featured him alone, doing the same goofy dance in different spots around the world. However his latest work of web art is focused on those around him, partaking in the crazy jig.

It's a video that warms the heart of those who view it, and several years ago Stride gum recognized the video's heartwarming potential and offered to underwrite Matt's travel expenses for subsequent trips.




Scrabbling Facebook

If you have a facebook account, you're probably familiar with the FB sensation Scrabulous! The application has nearly half a million daily users, making it one of facebook's most popular apps. However, the makers of the original Scrabble have been trying to stomp out the illegal version.

EA (Electronic Arts Inc.) has been licensed by Hasbro to distribute a legitimate version of the game, which can be uploaded for free onto user profiles.

However, Scrabulous' programmers aren't about to kneel down before the corporate giants. In a recent AP article Jayant Agarwalla, co-creator of Scrabulous, suggested that EA would have difficulty attracting "the attention and patronage of a large and dedicated user base," as Scrabulous has with 450,000 daily users.

The EA version is set to be released some time this month.

Avatars get a 'Second Life'

The popular web world of Second Life, which transforms users into simulated figures called 'avatars', announced Tuesday that some avatars have successfully been teleported to a separate world operated by IBM. The teleportation was just an experiment. The avatars left the Second Life "grid" of servers, landing on a portion of a green, island-like world IBM engineered.

This opens up the potential for the Second Life phenomenon to expand to other programs, and making 3-dimensional simulations a standard feature of any website.


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