Words of hate sprayed on family's vans

July 12, 2008 6:42:05 PM PDT
A Delaware County family is still reeling after what they found on their cars this morning. They discovered words of hate, etched into the paint by vandals. Irene Bailey showed neighbors the damage that was done to her family van and her husbands work van. His tires were flattened, both cars were tagged with graffiti and a message of hate featuring the "N" word was etched onto hers possibly with a key.

Bailey tells us, "Can't believe it - that somebody just destroyed it like that. Just scraped the whole vehicle up from the front to the back."

The vans were in front of the couples Marshall Avenue home in Collingdale, Delaware County. Last night, Bailey saw three laughing teens scatter from her husband's house cleaning business van. It had been tagged with a little graffiti.

This morning, there was more extensive damage and the hateful message.

"It just lets me know that racism hasn't died. It's readily alive. It's still here looking for it's next victim," said Bailey.

Neighbors are disgusted.

"That's why you get a lot of these racial things going on, stuff like this. No call for it" said Harry Smith.

The Bailey's moved their family here 2 years ago seeking a serenity not found in their Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood. Irene feels their graffiti marked cars do not reflect the sentiments of a community, but rather the sickness of a few individuals.

"Just lets you know that it's still not enough being done to change hurt and the way people think and feel toward one another."

While what's happened has left Irene Bailey feeling violated and reminded of what hate and disrespect can do, she vows not to let it diminish her spirit of understanding.

She tells us, "I even forgive those people that destroyed our property. I hope they come to their senses and change their ways and not destroy other people's property."

The search for answers and those responsible continues.