More congestion around SEPTA work

July 14, 2008 5:13:11 AM PDT
The intersection of 63rd and Market is going to be closed until next Monday, which could mean headaches to people who have to get around here.

Because of SEPTA's ongoing Market-Frankford El reconstruction project, the intersection was shut down Friday night. Today marks the first morning during which a rush-hour will be affected.

SEPTA officials know it's going to be dicey. However, they say the closure was necessary to build a new, handicapped-accessible 63rd Street Station.

At the same time that cars are being directed away from the closed intersection, the El is shuttle busing between 40th and 69th streets. The buses run on Walnut and Chestnut streets, just adding to the congestion.

SEPTA will have extra workers in the area, acting as ambassadors, to help people get around the closures. Drivers who've been through this during other phases of the $710 million reconstruction project were preparing for a mess.

Once the problem clears up next week, don't forget about all the alternate routes because a 16-day closure is planned for August as the project continues.