Canadian job recruiters looking for locals

July 16, 2008 9:22:09 PM PDT
You may have seen the advertisement in local Newspapers asking workers to consider taking jobs in Alberta, Canada. But, the effort to draw Philadelphia's workers goes way past the ad. Job recruiters were in town Wednesday to give their pitch to potential employees in person.

It was an opportunity to hit a career homerun at the 5th annual Grand Slam Career Fair at Citizens Bank Park. The companies represented, were down about 45 booths from last year - reflective of the declining economy.

But there WAS one new career booth this year, with employers from Alberta Canada, looking for workers to head north: There were 75 career booths set up on the concourse at Citizens Bank Park today, with recruiters looking for their future all-stars at Philadelphia's only ballpark career fair.

5 to 6,000 jobseekers were expected at this 1-day event...where there was a flurry of activity at the Alberta booth.

Wendy Blackwell emigrated to Canada from the U.K. and says professionals are needed to fill an abundance of jobs.

The province of Alberta is in the midst of a business boom, and a labor shortage. Energy drives its economy. Alberta is rich in natural gas and oil, much of it shipped to the U.S. There were lots of prospective employees also looking at opportunities in Philadelphia, but when you remember, there are more jobs than people, no state sales tax, and free health care, beginning next year, Alberta looks mighty attractive.

Several job hunters we spoke with said they would consider Canada for employment.