Who killed Beau Zabel?

South Philadelphia - July 18, 2008

23-year-old Beau Zabel was walking home from work in South Philadelphia when his dreams of becoming a teacher were shattered.

"Here's a young guy comes to the city he's looking forward to his future and he gets shot and killed in a robbery," said John Apeldorn of the Citizens Crime Commission.

Surveillance video shows Beau buying a soda from a vending machine at Washington and Passyunk around 1:30 a.m. Sunday June 15th. Moments later he was fatally shot in the neck.

"He's coming home from working at Starbucks, he's holding two jobs," John said.

The same camera caught a possible suspect running down the street after the shooting. Another camera shows a man putting an object in a plant near the crime scene and then returning to retrieve it. Police believe the man in both videos is the same guy.

To help the investigation, there is a 20-thousand dollar reward being offered.

"We're looking for anyone that might have seen something and we're looking for information that leads to an arrest and conviction."

A similar robbery in the same area where Beau was attacked has police looking at two men already in custody.

"They are people of interest that the police department is currently looking at," John said.

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