Man injured by golf ball gets $725,000

July 31, 2008 5:30:32 AM PDT
Landscapers in New Jersey better check for golf balls before mowing.

That's because a Monmouth County man who got glass in his eye when a golf ball struck his window has received a $725,000 settlement.

Defendants in the lawsuit made no admission of liability under terms of the settlement.

Thomas Guhl was driving in Farmingdale when a golf ball hit his windshield in 2006.

In his lawsuit, Guhl alleged the ball had landed on a home's lawn from nearby Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club and was launched by a mower.

Guhl alleged the golf club failed to place netting along Asbury Avenue to prevent balls from leaving the course. He also said Canfield Lawn and Landscaping should have checked the lawn before mowing.

Guhl's vision suffered because his cornea was cut.