$5 or less back to school deals

August 6, 2008 4:32:21 PM PDT
Back to school shopping deals are popping up. It is only the first full week of August to people like Whitney Hightower of Darby, Pennsylvania, "It's never too early to go shopping for school."

From binders to backpacks to crayons and more, the list for back to school is long and all the items added together can cost a lot.

That's why some shoppers are checking out the selection at Five Below.

"You can get some good stuff at reasonable prices," Vicki Pecunia from Springfield, Pennsylvania.

As its name indicates, everything regularly sells for $5 or less.

One of its best deals today?

"Hands down, we have a Mead zipper binder that can be $12.99 at other retailers where here we have it for $5," Elizabeth Romaine of Five Below said.

You can also get leapfrog educational software and games for $5 as opposed to the $12.99 and up you'd pay elsewhere.

And Five-Below has also agreed to give Action News a sneak peak of its upcoming Back to School sale which will start on August 16th.

"We'll have about 10 or 12 items that will be buy one get one free - we have 16-count Crayola crayons, 12-pack of Elmer's glue, solid portfolios, regular portfolios, Mead one-subject notebooks.. Those will all be on sale," Romaine said.

Dollar stores are another great place to find bargains.

You can get big packs of paper for just a dollar or folders for 25-cents.

Family Dollar is also giving Action News a sneak peek at the Back to School items it will feature in the next couple weeks.