Friday's Healthcheck wrap

August 8, 2008 2:35:48 PM PDT
If you got hooked with your first cigarette, a tiny gene may explain why.

Doctors from the University of Michigan discovered regular smokers were far more likely to have a mutation on a gene that affects how the body processes nicotine.

They were also eight-times more likely to have gotten a buzz from their first cigarette.

Past research has linked the same gene to a higher risk for lung cancer.

The researchers said this single mutation could be a "triple whammy" for smoking-related problems. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A new ambulance is unveiled. It's said to be safer for paramedics, patients, and drivers.

The vehicle is designed to be more visible. And Instead of a rearview mirror, it has a video monitor which picks up images from cameras on all four sides.

There are special lifts for heavy patients, and a harness to keep

The maker, American Medical Response, said the price tag is 125-thousand dollars. (The cost of ambulances range from $80,000 to $150,000.)