6abc Franklin & Marshall Presidential Poll

August 13, 2008 10:00:11 AM PDT
A new 6abc Franklin and Marshall poll is out this morning. It delves into the minds of Pennsylvania voters, and reveals some interesting information. Experts say the new Franklin and Marshall poll reveals that although the majority of Pennsylvanians favor Obama, there are still many voters who believe experience is more important than change.

The August 2008 survey of registered Pennsylvanians finds that Democrat Barack Obama is leading Republican John McCain by 8 points, 44 to 36-percent. But Obama's lead is smaller among likely voters 46 to 41-percent.

Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College tells us, "There are many voters in Pennsylvania who have deep concerns about whether Senator Obama has the experience to be president."

In addition, the poll found that there are more Democrats (34-percent) concerned about Obama becoming president than there are Republicans concerned about McCain winning - that number is 21-percent. About three in ten registered Pennsylvanians of each party who have concerns about Obama cite his lack of experience.

Madonna goes on to say, "They also have some questions about foreign policy, the War in Iraq and who they believe can best handle those situations."

"I just don't think there's the experience with Obama and he's sort of come out of nowhere and there's no track record to trace what he's done," says Kevin McDonnell of South Philadelphia.

But for the majority of Pennsylvanians, the number one issue in this year's election is the economy. That's where Senator Obama has an advantage. 77-percent of Pennsylvanians believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and more than a third say they are worse off financially this year than last. Obama is leading in both those groups.

Lynette Medley of Roxborough says, "I think McCain, of course, has more experience. Obama doesn't have that much experience but you've got to get your start somewhere. So I figure, hey, might as well try something different."

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