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August 14, 2008 Ask any woman about her handbag and you'll probably hear something like this: "It's a mess, I can't find anything" or "I'm especially panicking if I can't find my cell phones or my keys" as some women told Action News.

So Jen Groover of Broomall has come up with a simple solution, inspired while loading the utensil tray of her dishwasher

"And I had a birds eye view of everything and I thought wow, this is how I want everything in my purse to be," Jen said.

The Butler Bag was born!

"I knew I needed it so I knew other women would as well," Jen said.

The built-in tray on the bottom of the Butler Bag allows you to stand your items up in separate compartments

Butler bags retail starting at $125.

A lot of women do tell Action News they think the functional fashion piece is worth the price tag.

The Butler bag business has skyrocketed since it launched just two years ago. This year Jen expects to generate $10-million in revenue.

And to help you become a successful entrepreneur Jen has created another business called Launcher's Café.

Launcher's café is an interactive, online teaching forum that explains step by step how to transform your idea into a multi-million-dollar business. Learn how to protect your idea, build a prototype, find a manufacturer, and get financing as well as publicity.

"My number one goal was to make the information relatable and easy to understand; more importantly, too, it's also giving them accessibility to the people they need to talk to," Jen said.

Inside Launcher's café, you can hobnob with intellectual property attorneys, buyers, and investors, fellow entrepreneurs to learn from or partner with, as well as licensing agents, distributors, and designers.

You'll also find Jen's top tips. For instance, first do a serious search to make sure someone hasn't already stolen and successfully executed your idea. Create a snowball of interest and more ideas by talking to people you trust about your idea and subscribe to what Jen calls the post-it note theory.

"If you just show somebody something, but you don't even have to explain what it is and what it does and what the benefit is then you have a winning product," Jen said.

On Launcher's Café you can get more information and some networking opportunities for free, but to access all the content, you do have to be a paying member right now because Launcher's Café is in the beta, or testing phase. You can get lock in a membership rate of $20 a month. In just a few weeks, the monthly fee will be more.

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