Mrs. Fixit: Conserving Water Landscape

August 16, 2008

When planning your landscape, include walkways, ornamental urns, birdbaths, and rocks in the plan. These items will all visually take the place of plants and require no water.

Make sure that you mulch. It retains moisture and keeps water from evaporating too quickly, thereby keeping your plants healthier.

Keep your watering can outside too to catch the rain and runoff so you don't need to always use water from the faucet.

Weed frequently, weeds compete with your plants for water.

Water less frequently but for longer durations. This will make the roots reach deeper into the soil and become stronger.

For your urns, window boxes and pots, use a self- watering device. There are lots of different kinds, basically you fill it with water and stick it into the soil where it releases water, as your plant needs it.

Easy ways to conserve water for your landscaping. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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