Right (and left) shoes for back to school

August 15, 2008

Kim Fischer has her hands full when she takes her triplets shoe shopping.

"They love shoes. They'll just be pulling the shoes off. I'll tell them what size and they'll just be grabbing them and trying them on," Fischer said.

When it comes to school shoes, Podiatrist Dr. Kiernan Mahan recommends shoes that can handle both the playground and the classroom.

"I think the shoe that fits the bill for most of those things is a sneaker-type of shoe or an oxford kind of shoe," Dr. Mahan of Temple University School of Podiatry said.

She also recommends choosing a material that lets feet breathe like leather or other natural materials. If your child has sweaty feet, getting an extra pair can help.

"Even if you had a couple of pairs of shoes, where you let them wear a different pair of shoes the next day, so that the first pair can dry out, sometimes that can be very helpful," Dr. Mahan said.

As for the fit. Dr. Mahan said,"When you push your thumb down at the end of the shoe, the edge of your thumb should be feeling the edge of that toe."

Keep in mind, the big toe may not be the longest toe.

Also, you want to look for a shoe that bends, but also has good support especially at the back of the heel, that way kids can put their best foot forward come school time.

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