NJ gets an A from allergy agency

August 15, 2008 The Garden State made the honor roll on a study conducted by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The study looks at 18 different criteria including policies to prevent tobacco use, rules for better indoor air quality, and the nurse-to-student ratio at schools.

To manage asthma well experts suggest a ratio of 750 kids to one nurse.

Despite not meeting that criterion, New Jersey met all the other 17 marks.

Delaware got 13 of out the 18 criteria.

Pennsylvania got 9 out of 18.

Risks of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are one of the most commonly used drugs, but they're not as harmless as they may seem.

Antibiotics send nearly 150,000 people to emergency rooms each year. Most are for allergic reactions ranging from a rash to anaphylactic shock.

Infants have the highest rate of side effects and women are more likely than men to have bad reactions.

Experts say doctors shouldn't prescribe the drugs when not necessary and patients shouldn't ask for them when they're not needed.

Baby Bottle Chemical

Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration announced the chemical bisphenol A or BPA, that's found in food containers and baby bottles, is safe.

There's been growing concern about BPA. It's a chemical used to make plastic harder.

Some environmental groups say it could interfere with how the body processes estrogen and could lead to problems for infants and kids.

Canada plans on banning BPA. Some lawmakers in New Jersey are also considering proposing a ban.

This debate will likely continue. The FDA is holding an open public meeting to discuss concerns about BPA on September 16th. Link: Six States Named to National Asthma & Allergy Honor Roll

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