Flea market reopens to enthused shoppers

PALMYRA, N.J. - August 16, 2008 The Tacony and Palmyra Flea Market reopened today after being shutdown for 5 months. Bargain hunters and vendors say with such a lean economy they are glad it's up and running again.

Vendor Bruce Cornine says, "It hurt my pocketbook a little bit. I've just been waiting for it to open up they were told 3 weeks and it lasted five or six months."

Before shoppers targeted this area for deals, it was a target for the Frankford Arsenal. During World War II, the site served as a top-secret U.S. Army proving ground. Last year, Palmyra began a clean-up of what used to be the 60-acre drive-in as a part of redevelopment project.

In March this area was declared unsafe. As you walk through the flee market you can actually see evidence of where they dug up for old munitions. There were 182 of them found.

But flea market loyalists say while officials were searching for munitions, they had to search other places for deals... and it just wasn't the same.

Nancy Maldonado of Camden says, "Well, I went with my husband and looked at other flea markets but this was my favorite one."

For the first day, the market got a hefty crowd and vendors believe as more people learn that it's back open for business the crowd's will get even bigger.

"Today's the first day and maybe in two or three weeks it will be like Christmas! Every weekend will be like Christmas," said vendor Moe Awwad.

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