Annie Lennox has spinal surgery

NEW YORK (AP) - August 18, 2008

The singer-songwriter underwent an operation Friday following a painful back spasm she suffered while attending the international AIDS conference in Mexico City as an ambassador for Oxfam, according to a statement released by her management and record label Monday.

"The surgery went as planned, and Annie is now recuperating at home," it read. "Annie would like to send her thanks and appreciation to all that have sent their well wishes in the past few days."

Lennox, 53, has blogged about her situation on her Web site.

In an Aug. 10 post from her hotel room in Mexico City, Lennox wrote: "I should have been attending the final press blitz of the week, but my back suddenly went into spasm last night, giving me more pain that I've ever experienced in my life, and a totally numb left foot!!"

A day later, bedridden and back in the United Kingdom, she joked: "I'm going to have to get myself a crutch and a parrot, so I can fob myself off as a pirate and scare the neighborhood preschoolers! Just kidding folks!"

Lennox recently launched a campaign called "Sing", which includes a song she recorded with 23 female singers, including Madonna, to raise money for AIDS.

Her upcoming greatest-hits album "The Annie Lennox Collection" was originally scheduled to be released Sept. 16, but has been postponed until spring so Lennox will be able to promote it following a full recovery.
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