Call For Action Success Stories!

August 18th, 2008 John Hudson now is able to sit back and relax. But that wasn't always the case.

Even after retiring from his full-time job, he worked part-time for six years.

The problem?

"They wouldn't give me my pension," said John.

The company owed John about $4700.

But he said his contact there gave him the runaround for eight months.

"I'll tell you, he should have been a politician, because he had more excuses than 20 people," he added.

So John contacted Call for Action.

"Within a week I had the check and everything was done," said John.

So, what did John have to say about the volunteer who helped him?

"She's one in a million really," he added.

The owner of a swimming pool uses bromine to sanitize it.

Her problem was with one of the valves on the bromine machine.

"The company came that I've been dealing with since 1986 and the young man put it on backwards," said Mary Beiseigel.

Mary said the mistake was costing her because it caused her pool to use more bromine than usual..

She also said the owner of the pool company ignored her when she called to have the problem fixed So Mary called Call For Action.

"It was easy and simple," she added.

Mary said after our volunteers called, the owner fixed the valve and gave her two free buckets of bromine!

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