Mrs. Fixit: Outdoor Power Tool Safety

August 23, 2008

Before you mow your lawn, take a walk through the yard and look for rocks, sticks and toys. If you hit one of these items with the mower it can cause serious damage to the mower and could result in serious injuries as well.

Opt for a mower with an automatic shutoff, this way if you run into a problem you can let go of that safety handle and the mower will shut down!

Blowers and weed whackers can fling dirt, rocks and sticks flying and if they bounce off the house or another surface they can come shooting back at you. To keep yourself safe, always wear long pants, safety goggles that wrap around the sides of your face and ear plugs to protect your hearing. If you're sensitive to plants wear a breathing mask as well!

Trimmers make short work of manicuring your shrubs, but they cut more than bushes, so be aware of wires, power cords and anyone near you. You tend to zero in on the task and not look at the big picture.

Just a few important steps to keep you safe while you're working outdoors! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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