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SOUTHWEST PHILADELPHIA - August 20, 2008 - Throughout the day Wednesday narcotics officers, the SWAT team, the DEA and U.S. Marshals arrested suspected drug dealers.

Among those arrested were a 73 year old man, who police say was armed with a handgun and had 300 bags of crack cocaine in his house.

Investigators says the elderly man's home was part of a four house operation in the 5400 block of Regent Street, being run by a man from the suburbs. That man was arrested at his home in Upper Darby Wednesday night.

Police say they also arrested a 20 year old in the 1700 block of Frazier, who had more cash on him than a neighborhood ATM, and a pile of marijuana worth more than $136,000.

" We took a lot of bad people off the street," said Capt. Deborah Frazier. "Including a 73 year old man we arrested for a narcotics violation in April. He's back at it again, but this time a little harder and a little stronger."

In all 83 people were arrested, and police confiscated almost a quarter of a million dollars in drugs, more than $34,000 in cash, and an arsenal of weapons.

"This is what's driving the aggravated assaults by gun, this is what's driving the homicide rate," said Inspector Bob Snyder. "The more of these guns we get out of the hands of drug dealers, the better the city of Philadelphia is going to be."

Police ask the community to keep calling in tips about drug activity.

Call the anonymous drug hotline at (215) 686-3233.

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