Jenny the elephant is staying put

DALLAS (AP) - August 21, 2008

The Dallas Zoo announced Wednesday that the roughly 10,000-pound pachyderm will remain at her home of 22 years and will eventually get a new companion.

The decision to keep the elephant in Dallas "serves Jenny's best interests," said Gregg Hudson, the zoo's executive director.

Dallas Zoo officials had planned to ship Jenny to a wildlife park in Mexico after her companion died in May. African elephants become unhappy when left alone.

But activists ripped the plan, saying Jenny is nervous and fears cars, and would be miserable at the drive-through park in Mexico where the Dallas Zoo planned to send her. Protests were held in front of the Dallas Zoo last month.

Dallas Zoo officials said they have now expedited plans for a new elephant habitat, which would include a new companion for Jenny.

The zoo said in a statement that Jenny has "adjusted well" to her companion Keke's death, and is "in good spirits."

Critics of the planned move had argued that Jenny would be much better off at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tenn. That 2,700-acre facility is a haven for troubled elephants and is home to 17 of the animals.

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