Want to be a model? Lose 30 pounds

August 21, 2008 MTV started casting earlier this month for 'Model Maker' a show that will aim to turn average girls into runway models. But just how much the show's contestants may have to lose in order to increase their chances of becoming a model has already angered many body image experts and even obesity experts - all of whom worry that this show may be the latest detrimental message sent to an already weight-obsessed generation of young girls.

"Anything more than 25 pounds in 12 weeks is really overstepping the boundaries," said obesity expert Keith Ayoob of the show's promise to help the aspiring models lose as much as 80 pounds in three months.

The casting call for the "Model Maker," which began auditions earlier this month, promises future contestants that a role on the show will help them achieve their dreams of appearing on a real catwalk.

Women auditioning for the show have to provide MTV with their bust measurements, dress size and must be ready and willing to "sweat off the pounds" in order to be transformed into a well-groomed fashion model.

"MTV is looking for girls willing to shed the pounds (30-80 lbs), become a model and win $100,000!" reads the casting call announcement on MTV's Web site.

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