Wedding band flushed down toilet, recovered

August 22, 2008 5:59:21 AM PDT
Piscataway's public works crew used some high-tech gear to recover a wedding band that a 2-year-old had flushed down the toilet. Angelica Nols had taken her rings off to wash her face on Aug. 9 when her daughter, Isabella, said she had to go potty.

The mom heard a flush when she went to get a towel. The ring was gone.

Her husband called the public works department on Tuesday and a crew arrived with the township's new $200,000 pipeline-inspection unit. The truck is equipped with a camera that snakes its way through the sewer lines.

The workers soon spotted the ring next to a penny.

Angelica Nols says she wanted to kiss the ring, but the workers advised against it.