Rodent invasion

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - August 22, 2008 - "Children can't play. Life isn't the same, people are fearful about going out in their backyard," said Edna Crist-El.

Some people in Northeast Philadelphia told Action News the critters started taking over last year when a new construction project near Oxford Village began.

They say that is when the animals moved into their Philadelphia Housing Authority complex.

"People are even scared to come to my door! They run because the skunks come out and the ground hole and raccoons! They're scared they're going to bite them!" said resident Linda Thomas.

Residents say the more they complain to the PHA, the less they do.

Action News contacted the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Spokesperson Kirk Dorn said in part: "A combination of events led to this problem, mainly the demolition of a nearby warehouse so that a new school could be built. But also, some residents are placing their trash out days ahead of scheduled pick-up, and that's exacerbating the problem. The City Health Department is already aware of the issue and I am told is sending personnel to evaluate the problem. "

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