Preparing for DNC night one

DENVER, Co. - August 25, 2008 - People at Denver's Pepsi Center, and across the country, will be waiting to see Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidentical candidate Barack Obama, take the podium tonight.

Her prime-time speech will allow her to introduce herself to the nation as she kicks off the convention's theme of "one nation."

However, she will do so with the race between her husband and John McCain in an absolute deadlock, at least according to a CNN poll released Monday.

There could be another speaker making headlines tonight. /p>

Caroline Kennedy is set to introduce a video honoring Sen. Edward Kennedy, and it is possible that he will take the stage to address the delegates.

Kennedy was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, but has been cleared by his doctor to attend the convention.

If he takes the stage to speak, it promises to be one of the most talked about moments of this convention.

Joe Biden, the senator from Delaware and Obama's pick as his vice presidential running mate, has also arrived in Denver.

He, and his wife Jill, greeted supporters as they arrived in town, shaking hands outside a steakhouse.

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