The Hillary Factor

DENVER, Co. - August 25, 2008 - Call it "The Hillary Factor."

On Sunday, the former presidential candidate released her delegates to vote for Barack Obama if they choose, a gesture for party unity.

"I ask each and every one of you to work as hard for Barack and Joe Biden as you worked for me," said Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Action News was there as the Pennsylvania delegation caucused for the first time in Denver.

There were many ardent Hillary supporters in the group, but many said they are warming up to the idea of Barack Obama being the democratic nominee for president.

"There are still a couple of months until the election. I think that at the end, they will... Hopefully they will change their minds," said delegate Connie Williams.

The other question the delegates are asking: Will Hillary and Bill Clinton throw their full support behind Obama?

"If he drags his feet in this campaign and Sen. Obama loses, then what is that going to do for Bill Clinton's legacy?" said delegate Bernard Anderson.

Sen. Hillary Clinton will address the convention Tuesday night.

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