Waiting for Hillary

DENVER, Co. - August 26, 2008 - If there is a subplot to the political story here this week, that is it.

Hillary Clinton checked out the Pepsi Center early Monday evening with her daughter Chelsea, who will introduce her mother. Everybody at this convention knows that the Obama campaign is counting on Clinton to tell her supporters they need to get onboard.

Discussions between the Clinton and Obama camps have been ongoing about how the roll call will be handled Wednesday night. It may even be Clinton herself who stops the roll call and calls for nomination by acclimation.

At the Pennsylvania delegation meeting Tuesday morning, delegates refused to describe this as a divided convention, and everyone insists Clinton will do what needs to be done.

"She is going to give the clearest possible message, and I think all of the talk about the dissension is basically going to melt into a strong, unified feeling coming out of this convention," said former Philadelphia Mayor John Street.

"You're going to hear from Senator Clinton, right at the podium, a direct message about unifying this party, rallying around Senator Obama. Let's take the next 71 days and go out and win the White House," said Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

When asked if Clinton supporters in Pennsylvania are still angry, District Attorney Lynne Abraham, a Clinton supporter says "no."

"I'm disappointed for Hillary and the country, but I also recognize that 19 million beats 18 million," Abraham said.

One delegate hopes the Clintons understand that they still have the support of plenty of people in the Democratic party.

"We love both of them. We love Hillary and Bill and we don't want them to ever forget that," said Philadelphia delegate Audrey Johnson Thornton. "But please join this campaign and let's get Obama elected President of the United States."

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