Action News at the DNC: Night 2

DENVER, Co. - August 26, 2008 - "We now have been juiced, we've been energized, she's put the rally cry out there," said Philadelphia delegate Mark Aronchick.

Some Clinton supporters were upset that the New York Senator won't be the nominee.

"I'm doing my level best to get there," said Leslie Miller of Bryn Mawr. "This was very hard for those of us who worked very hard for her. But I'm going to get there."

Even Governor Ed Rendell, a huge Clinton supporter during the primary, delivered a pro-Obama message Tuesday night.

"The Obama administration is going to bring energy independence to American and make it a reality," Gov. Rendell said. "That's what the future could look like with Barack Obama as President!"

Behind the scenes, Rendell and other party bosses have the jitters about Obama's current strategy. He told the Washington Post, quote, "Everyone is nervous as all get out. Everybody says we ought to be ahead by 10 to 15 points. What the heck is going on?"

Speaking to Action News Tuesday night, Rendell said now is not the time to panic.

"The fact that we're even in the polls, that's a fact. We've got to ramp it up, we've got to smack them back, and Barack is going to do that Thursday night. When we do that, I think we're going to blow this election away," Rendell said.

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