Jonas Brothers in Jersey

CAMDEN, N.J. - August 27, 2008 - Wednesday night, north Jersey's own Jonas Brothers came home for a concert.

They'll be performing at the Susquehanna Bank center in Camden.

Fans went downright berserk when Kevin, Joe and Nick finally emerged from the Four Seasons hotel.

You'd think this would get old for the hottest boy band on Earth, but the teen heart-throbs take it in stride.

"It's kind of funny after awhile, when they're running after the bus. You go 'This is a lot bigger then you are," said Nick Jonas.

"Me and Nick always laugh. You'd think when they get to us they'd hug us and stop screaming... But no!" said Joe Jonas.

Fans went to extremes to see the Jonas Brothers.

"Sam Prisinzano and her friend arrived at the hotel at 1:30 in the morning.

"We kind of slept in the car about a block away and then we saw the tour buses pull up about 5am and we ran up to them," Prisinzano said.

They didn't get an autograph but they did get a handshake and the envy of millions of girls around the world.

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