Joe Biden's family ties

WILMINGTON, Del. - August 27, 2008 - Among them, the Delaware natives who worked with, taught, and befriended the Biden family.

His yearbook is on display at Archmere Academy in Claymont, where Biden played sports and was president of his class at the private catholic school.

Biden's three children also attended Archmere.

The principal says the senator always makes time for his children.

"He would try to get to see as many games as he could, and he often times we would be sitting together, talking about the games and the kids and all that, and you never realized he was a senator and he came up from Washington to see his kids." said principal William Doyle.

A sadder, more defining time in Joe Biden's life happened at an intersection in 1972. That's when his wife and 18 month old daughter were killed in a car crash. His boys, Beau and Hunter, were seriously hurt.

Suddenly, the freshman senator became a single dad. That's when Biden began commuting by train daily to Washington so his boys could be surrounded by family. He later met and married Jill Jacobs, who instantly won the hearts of Beau and Hunter.

Years later, Ashley was born, and Jill went on to earn her Ph.D, intentionally using her maiden name. She now teaches English at Delaware Technical and Community College.

"It is so important to her to be her own person and she's done a great job doing that," said instructor Mary Doody.

Jill Biden's colleagues say, like Joe, she can win the hearts of America just by being herself.

"I'm looking at (Michelle) Obama and I'm thinking 'these are two down to earth women that really understand what it means to be a family." said Dr. Donoa Gonzales.

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