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Cleaning, for less

Bidmycleaning.com is like the eBay of cleaning services. Customers type in what they want to spend, the size of their house and details of the job. They will receive immediate bids for their work. On the flip side, if you're looking to start a small business it's a good way to compete with large franchises.

Link: Bid my cleaning


Findsounds.com is a fun site when you're bored or feeling creative. It is an encyclopedia of sounds with just about anything you can think of from musical instruments, to the sound of someone brushing his teeth to animal noises....you'll find it here....and audio files containing obscenities are filtered out so the site is safe for kids.

Link: Find sounds

What's Next?

After you finish that summer best seller, you may be wondering how to find your next great read. Log on to whatshouldireadnext.com. Type in the name of the literary masterpiece you just finished and the data base will make suggestions based on your storytelling preferences. You can also find suggestions for CD's and DVD's with their new BETA site thisonenext.com.

Link: What should I read next?

Living Oprah, literally

She has been tagged the most powerful woman in the world. She's influenced millions of women and given away hundreds of cars. While many of us take some of her advice---Robyn Okrant has decided to make it gospel. Follow her year- long experiment on livingoprah.com and she tries out all of Oprah's advice and tips including trying out diet food on her husband.

Link: Living Oprah

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