Gustav disrupts RNC plans

ST. PAUL, MN - August 31, 2008 Monday's plans have been changed significantly and depending on what happens on the other end of the Mississippi River, the rest of the week could also be quite different.

Soon-to-be nominee John McCain spoke to party leaders in St. Paul via satellite from St. Louis.

The senator confirmed that the convention's business on Monday would be limited to a roll call, passing the party platform, and not much else.

No speech from President Bush.

No Vice President Cheney.

Then McCain implored his party to help raise money, for those in the bull's eye of Hurricane Gustav.

"And I have every expectation that we will not see the mistakes of Katrina repeated," Senator McCain said.

First Lady Laura Bush was also due to speak tomorrow.

She walked the convention floor, shook a few hands, and left.

Local delegations arrived at their respective hotels tonight, unaware that the approaching storm had nearly wiped out an entire day's worth of convention activity.

However, they were also supportive, and insistent that this would not be a setback in the march toward Election Day.

"They have to do what's best. And right now I think that is the best, even though it's disappointing," Philadelphia delegate Agnes Tilley said.

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