LA delegates band together

ST. PAUL, MN - August 31, 2008 The 47 members spent an anxious day watching the weather and wondering if loved ones are truly safe and sound.

While the majority tried to go about the business of being at a national convention, some left, but only briefly.

The McCain campaign chartered a plane and flew delegates to Jackson, Mississippi, to pick up their family members evacuating from the Gulf states and bring them right back to a Saint Paul hotel.

Kathy Edgeworth considered getting her daughter and her dog Nola on the flight.

"The campaign was very great. They had only one place available for a dog, and they were going to take her on the flight, but my daughter in the end decided to stay in Baton Rouge," Kathy said.

The Louisiana delegation did have the big parties planned. Of course, now, they're scaling back as the monster storm approaches.

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