Mrs. Bush, Mrs. McCain visit delegation

ST. Paul, MN - September 1, 2008 Louisiana delegates started this day knowing Gustav was bearing down on their home state. First Lady Laura Bush came here to tell them that they were in her prayers.

Cindy McCain introduced First Lady Laura Bush as a surprise guest at a breakfast held by the Louisiana delegation in a small hotel ballroom packed with members of the media, miles from Minneapolis. This was an anxious audience as Hurricane Gustav made landfall.

"We're all praying. We know you can do it again. It's so unbelievably wearying. No one knows that except for the people who live on the gulf coast what it's been like trying to rebuild." Mrs. Bush said.

Yesterday, Malaura Blanchard was distraught as she spoke with her 20-year-old daughter back home in Baton Rouge.

Today, she called the first lady's words, reassuring.

"It felt like my own mother stepped out on that platform and said, 'It's going to be okay,'" Blanchard said.

It all turned out okay for Vicky Davis' family. The McCain campaign chartered a flight and picked up her sons and mother from Jackson, Mississippi late last night.

"They didn't get in until midnight and they were delayed. It was a dream come true," Davis said.

The Louisiana delegates told Action News they are determined to get their work done here but they know they'll have more work to do, cleaning up when they get home.

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