Game of the Week 2: Abington @ PW

Can it happen two weeks in a row?

The big 'it' could mean overtime. Last week's opener between Central Bucks South and Council Rock South did go into a 27-27 OT and it would truly be a historic feat if the succeeding game followed the trend.

However, the 'it' in question is not overtime, but it is referring to the rivalry underdog getting the win.

Last week, CR South came into the game with only one win in the last four years while CB South had the rivalry momentum going for them.

This week, Abington plays the role of rivalry king as they have defeated Plymouth-Whitemarsh three out of the past four years. In 2004, the Galloping Ghosts flew past the Colonials 38 to 10. In 2005, the Ghosts spooked PW to a 46-26 victory. Finally, last season, Abington scared PW's hopes of triumph out of them with a 28-7 win. (Did you like the ghost puns?)

In the past four years, the Colonials have only been able to pull out one win over the Ghosts, but it was a definitive one, as, in 2005, they walked out the winners of a 26-7 game.

Can the team that has only one win in the recent past prevail two Game of the Weeks in a row? We will see.

Which version of each team will we see?

As told in the previous paragraphs, one year PW defeated Abington 26-7 and the next the Ghosts get retribution with a 28-7 to win.

It was almost the same exact score, but with differing outcomes.

Both teams are hoping to bring their A-game with them and make sure they are not the squad to get the 7 this time. Of course, for Abington the A-game is built into their name; the Colonials need to think of a sports phrase that PW can be the acronym for. (Any ideas?)

Are the pains of the first game a motivator or a detractor?

Getting shutout by LaSalle 0 to 45 is a tough pill to swallow for the Colonials, who hold the title of being one of the two original Game of the Week teams in history. In just seven days, it may be tough to forget about that loss, but maybe the Coach Staudenmayer's players are doing the exact opposite in order to get motivated.

In 1981, Kleinginna and Kleinginna tried to define what motivation was. They came up with a few definitions, including this one: "lead to behavior that is often, but not always, expressive, goal directed, and adaptive (1981 p. 355)."

The Colonials may be reading that report right now. They could be taking their shutout loss last week and adapting. PW knows what they did wrong last game and what they did right. The loss may indeed be a motivator in the goal of winning their first game of the season.

So can a loss lead to a win? We will see.

Can the Ghosts gallop to victory two weeks in a row?

It's been two years since Abington had a 2-0 start to their season. They are looking to erase that fact with this game.

The ghosts were able to take down Central Bucks East during their season opener. With the adrenaline of the big first win coursing through them, Coach Sorber's players are itching for game-day and attaining a perfect record.

Will the Ghosts prevails a second time in as many weeks? We will see.

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The Colonials are ready to get their first win of the 2008 season.

The Ghosts are ready to keep their winning ways intact.

Both teams are ready to seize the moment.

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