Sonny Hill to be honored by Hall of Fame

He'll prove it on Friday, when he will receive the "Human Spirit Award" from the Basketball Hall of Fame.

"I look at it, I respect it, I appreciate it, but it's not about me," Sonny Hill said.

It's about all the lives Sonny has touched, all the advice he's given, and the time he's committed to make others better.

"We're so proud of Sonny," said Sixers President Ed Stefanski. "What he does for us, and the Philadelphia community is phenomenal.

It's also about a journey that encompasses starting the Sonny Hill league 40 years ago, and included a unique friendship with arguably the best player of all time... Philly's own, the late Wilt Chamberlain.

Make no mistake about it, Sonny Hill will always be Philadelphia basketball. It's an honor Hill says he takes seriously.

"I'm living the dream of those who came before me."

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