Cold case cracked

CENTER CITY - September 3, 2008 - 44-year-old Linda Safronsky was raped and stabbed inside her third floor apartment on Madison Street in Port Richmond.

Wednesday, police announced they arrested a suspect: 35 year old Luis DeJesus.

Police say DeJesus has a lengthy criminal record including multiple sexual assaults: One on a 13 year old girl, the other an armed attack on a woman he pulled into an alleyway.

Investigators say it was DNA taken from these crime scenes that led back to DeJesus on the Safronski case.

"He's being charged with murder and sexual offenses. He's looking at a life sentence, spending the rest of his life in a prison facility," said Chief Inspector William Blackburn.

The D.A. says there are 2200 cold case murders on the police files. 600 have potential DN evidence, another 600 for unsolved sexual assaults. Police need more funding to use the increasingly sophisticated DNA systems.

"We, the police department, the district attorney's office, will never, ever, ever rest until we bring to justice all of the people who we have a reasonable prospect through science, technology, forensics or otherwise in bringing to justice. " said District Attorney Lynne Abraham.

As in this case, each of the crimes occurred in the 24th police district, the east division. Abraham wonders if he could be a suspect in some others that have never been reported. She encourages anyone with information to come forward.

Police say Luis DeJesus has been sitting in the prison awaiting sentence in one of those other attacks.

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