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Planning an event isn't easy....whether you're organizing a PTA meeting or throwing a fundraiser....sometimes more things go wrong than right....a new website may be the solution for you.

Centerd.com is a one stop resource you need to plan your next event....no matter how big or small.

With the site, you'll be able to create an event, invite people, and see who will be there an who won't.

If you're planning a large event, you'll find information and reviews on many popular venues so you can decide which type of place is best for you.

While many social networking sites have an event planning feature, this site is very extensive and covers a lot of details.

Even if you're planning an informal event, you'll be able to take into account your friend's opinions, to see where they want to go and what they want to do.

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Fans of fashion have a new reason to buy an iPhone.

Style.com, the online home of Vogue, is introducing an iPhone application designed to enable dedicated followers of fashion to watch runway shows during New York Fashion Week this month...within hours of the last model's exit from the catwalk.

With iPhones providing much of life on demand, it is no surprise, considering fashion's demographic, that customers can now turn their iPhone's into shopping portals.

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If you're bored, try tooncrisis.com. It's a bit of a tounge and cheek take on online video games and cartoons.

Your job is to try to rid the world of evil cartoons. You do it all while there's some pretty cool music playing in the background.

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Talk about brining your photos to life! Visit livelabs.com/photosynth.

The site allows you to paste pictures together to get a panoramic view of a given scene.

Just download the free add-on and instantly give your photographs life and depth in collages that offer a virtual tour of your experience.

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