Sheldon Brown upset over Rosenhaus video

PHILADELPHIA (AP) Lito Sheppard still wants a new contract and his starting job back, but the Eagles cornerback did make one promise: No stomach crunches in his driveway.

"Too much energy," he cracked.

No, it's not quite 2005 again for the Philadelphia Eagles, though the combustible combination of the unhappy star (Sheppard), unwitting target (Brown) and unapologetic agent (Rosenhaus) has an eerily familiar tone for those around for the Terrell Owens fiasco.

Owens' contract dispute imploded a franchise a year removed from a Super Bowl. This distraction is nowhere near as severe, even if the ill feelings simmering in the locker room aren't all that different three years later.

Brown was agitated Wednesday because Rosenhaus went viral with his message that a disgruntled Sheppard - his client - was in the "prime of his career," and should be a starting cornerback along with All-Pro Asante Samuel. Sheppard lost his starting spot at left cornerback when the Eagles signed Samuel to a $57.14 million, six-year contract, and the two-time Pro Bowl selection could not wrest the other spot away from Brown in training camp.

Answering a question on a forum for Sprint TV, Rosenhaus said Sheppard had to "endure his team signing another player at his position and making him one of the highest paid guys ever at his position," and now has to "deal with the disappointment of the team starting Sheldon Brown and relegating Lito to being the third cornerback on the team."

An irked Brown wondered why his name was mentioned in the video.

"I don't want nobody in my business and I would never bring nobody else in my business," he said.

Rosenhaus said it was never his intent to pit the two close friends and teammates against each other.

"This has nothing to do at all with Sheldon Brown or Asante Samuel. They're fine football players," he said by phone. "It's all about Lito."

Sheppard wants a new contract, but the Eagles aren't interested in redoing his current deal. Sheppard is signed through 2011 and received an $8.7 million bonus when he got a five-year extension of his rookie contract in 2004. And if he can't get a new deal, then he wants to start - or play for a team where he will.

Rosenhaus said, "nothing is going to change on our end," and that the Eagles recently rejected a trade offer for Sheppard.

"I believe there will be a very good chance Lito will be traded by the trade deadline," Rosenhaus said.

Sheppard dumped agent Peter Schaffer for Rosenhaus earlier this summer with the hope of negotiating a new deal and/or a trade.

"If you know (Rosenhaus') track record, it's more of a disappointment to me that he enticed the guy into signing with him," Brown said. "Agents don't get the deals done. The player gets the deal done. That's what's disappointing."

Rosenhaus said he was approached by Sheppard and the only promise he ever made to the cornerback was to "work hard and do my best."

"I think he's in desperate situation and he's got a desperate agent trying to do anything to get him out of the situation," Brown said.

The Eagles did give running back Brian Westbrook a new contract last month.

"There is a professional way to get it done," Brown said. "Brian got something done without being a clown."

Sheppard and Brown entered the league together in 2002. Sheppard was a first-round pick and Brown was chosen in the second round. They replaced veteran cornerbacks Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor following the 2003 season. Sheppard has missed 15 games the last three seasons because of various injuries.

Their lockers are next to each other and Sheppard tried to slip away from the media while Brown was peppered with questions. Both players said they hadn't spoken to the other about the videos or blossoming CB controversy. Sheppard said he hadn't seen Rosenhaus' videos, but didn't have a problem with them, either.

"For him to say stuff like that, then obviously he feels there's a point to be made," he said. "I let him do his job and I do mine. I ain't got no problem with nothing he does."

Rosenhaus was in the center of the T.O. saga three years ago that saw the wide receiver kicked out of training camp and ended with the wideout booted off the Eagles. Owens took potshots at Donovan McNabb, prompting the QB to say, "keep my name out of your mouth."

Sheppard acknowledged Owens caused a rift within the team, but he wasn't concerned that this could turn into a similar distraction.

When asked if he was worried that Rosenhaus upset his friend, Sheppard said, "Well, I'm upset."

No reason to think there's a beef between the cornerbacks yet. Looking for some cameras, Sheppard wanted to hug Brown.

"We've got to hug and make up," said Sheppard, laughing.

"C'mon, man," said a smiling Brown while he walked away.

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