Shore prepares for Hanna

OCEAN CITY - September 4, 2008 On this sunny day, rough surf is the only hint of the storm that is lurking hundreds of miles away or more, but with the chance that tropical storm Hanna will pass the New Jersey coast on Saturday, emergency management coordinators were briefed today.

Evacuations won't be necessary but just in case

"We're making preparations to open shelters on the mainland, because of the potential of high tide on the barrier islands on Saturday," Frank McCall of the Cape May Company Emergency Management.

Emergency management coordinators from 16 Cape May county towns plus Red Cross and utility company personnel met to hear details of the storm's likely path and its potential effect on towns like Ocean City, where warnings will start going out tomorrow.

"We have several media outlets, websites, reverse 911 emergency notification systems, even if the situation warrants the siren systems that we have placed around town," Frank Donato of the Ocean City Emergency Management said.

Officials say flooding will occur in the usual trouble spots. Folks will be urged to move cars to higher ground.

"A lot of people are maybe here in Cape May County for the first so they're not familiar with the environment, so we want to make sure our emergency management coordinators are up to speed," McCall said.

Every measure will be taken to alert residents and visitors of flooding. Wind will also be a factor. Lawn and deck chairs, trash cans, and anything that could become airborne should be taken inside or tied down.

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