Family receives $19,000 phone bill

Portland, Or. - September 5, 2008 The Terry's son was traveling for work in Canada in July when he used a laptop with an air card to send pictures and emails.

The bill shows that he used it a total of 21 times, but because he was out of the country that activity added up to $19,370.

The Terrys say they talked to an AT&T employee before their son left, and the worker said nothing about international fees.

They also say they were never contacted by the company alerting them to extraordinary fees.

"When you have a bill that runs normally $250 to $300 for our cell phones, when AT&T saw the numbers getting over $1000, I would think it's their responsibility to inform us that something was amiss because that card could have been stolen," Dave Terry said.

AT&T officials say they are looking into the matter.

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