A cutting-edge diagnostic tool

LANGHORNE, PA.; September 7, 2008

A change in federal immigration policy is sparking protests.

There's a new government policy for immigrants... And It's sparking protest from human rights watchers.

Female applicants were told this week they'd have to get the cervical cancer vaccine.

It protects against HPV, a sexually transmitted virus.

Although immigrants are already required to be vaccinated against diseases such as meningitis and chicken pox, immigration attorneys say it's wrong to force the vaccine on girls as young as 11.


St. Mary Medical Center in Bucks County has become the first to have an MRI scanner called the Oasis.

It's an open machine that gives images as sharp as closed ones.

The open platform is much more comfortable for overweight patients, children, and those who feel claustrophobic.

Dr. Daniel Cohen, the chief of diagnostics, says, "In the past, it always involved a compromise with image quality to get that open exam which is more comfortable. But now we feel we don't have to make that compromise."

On the right is an image of a thumb taken with the new MRI...

On the left is another thumb image taken from the hospital's old open MRI.

The new machine also offers fast scan times, and can compensate for small movements.

Tracy Lerner of Southampton gets MRI scans several times a year for a chronic condition.

She says the experience with the new machine has one drawback.

Tracy told us, "It was quite loud. i had the ear plugs in, and was listening to music, but i could still hear the banging. But you get used to it, and you can deal with it."

Dr. Cohen says just like a closed MRI, the new machine can be used for virtually any spot on the body.

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