Voters head to the polls in Delaware

September 9, 2008 It has been a record-setting democratic primary in the state of Delaware with more than 5-million dollars invested. The candidates took part in more than a dozen forums and debates including the debate right here on 6abc hosted by Matt O'Donnell.

Today, hundreds of volunteers will knock on doors. The candidates will make hundreds of phone calls: all trying to get out the vote.

John Carney is the Democratic Party's choice. He won the race for lieutenant governor twice before. Now he wants to be governor. Carney will court the labor vote today. He has the backing of more than a dozen unions.

Democrat Jack Markell's got the money. He entered the final week of the race with more than a million dollars in the bank. He's challenging Carney after spending the last 10 years as Delaware's state treasurer.

On the republican side, retired superior court judge Bill Lee takes on the self-proclaimed underdog, airline pilot, Mike Protack. Lee lost the race for governor in 2004's general election. Protack is on the ballot in this primary as a republican, but he will run as an independent on the November general election ballot.

No public poll was done for this race, but the candidates have been tracking the pulse of the voters all on their own.

Perhaps the most famous Delawarean of the moment, Senator Joe Biden already voted by absentee ballot. His wife, Jill, votes this morning at 9 a.m. at a school not far from the Biden's home in Greenville, Delaware.

Voters have until 8 p.m. to cast their ballots.

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